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Curtain Drains

Yard Drainage Systems

Generally less damaging but no less annoying than flooding in the home, is flooding and swampiness in the yard. Submerged patios, marshy lawns and fungal death in trees and shrubs can render your yard an unusable wasteland for 4 months of the year (if we have an uncharacteristic cold spell, you can always lace up the skates and spark up a neighborhood hockey game on your lawn).

The remedy for this is to install a curtain drain system in your yard (sometimes referred to as French drains or California drains). Perforated PVC plastic pipe is installed bedded in drain rock in trenches cutting across the slope of the yard. The number and location of these lateral trenches will be dependent on the design of the landscape and the severity of wetness. Generally, trenches should not need to be less than 1.5m (5′) apart.

In spots where ponding / puddling is particularly bad, 3″ low point surface drains can be installed (drain grates can be found in a subtle green or black color). These also provide excellent clean out points.

The system can then be connected to the solid line of the house perimeter drainage, preferably the rainwater lead, or directed into a ditch, seasonal pond or sump pit.

As with all drainage projects, establishing a decent grade (slope) is the key. There must always be a continuous grade between every individual high (starting) point and the outlet (connection to house system, ditch, etc.)


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