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Pre-purchase Surveys

Drain Tile Assessments, By DrainScope Victoria.

Drain Tile assessment:

  1. DRAINSCOPE will come and inspect the basement walls and floors visually as a first step. If there are cracks in the wall, this may be the main reason for loose water in the basement. If there are no cracks but water is coming through the stone and cinder blocks, then it is likely a combination of a failure of your drain tile and any waterproofing sealant applied to the foundation.
  2. Unearth the area around the foundation where damage is apparent in the basement. This may require heavy equipment like an excavator depending on the depth of your foundation and footer/drain tile.
  3. Inspect the drain tile from above first, then from below. From above it is possible to see if the tile has been shattered, bent or cracked along its length. From below you can see if there are cracks along or around the perforations.
  4. Check the seams of your drain tile along the edges where they have been joined to separate tile sections. If the tiles have become separated at the joints, it is possible for leaks to occur.
  5. Examine the drain tile in its entirety, including any length of tile that siphons water away from the foundation.This is important: if the tile has lost its slope (necessary for channeling the water away) then it is possible that water is running backwards in the pipe and settling in spots where it shouldn’t be.

Consider replacing clay drain tile with plastic drain tile, especially if your home is older and may not have been previously upgraded. Plastic drain tile is lighter, more durable and less expensive.

Always speak to an expert before you try to check your drain tile yourself. Even though you see water in your basement, it may not be an indication that the drain tile itself has been compromised. Someone with expertise will be able to inform you if the problem is with the drain tile, the foundation, or something else entirely.


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