How Does My Domestic Drainage System Work in Victoria?

Whether your home is connected to a sewer system or you have a remote property with a septic system, the drainage system of most domestic properties functions in essentially the same way. The Victoria, BC drainage pros at Drainscope believe that it is important for homeowners to have a basic idea of how their drainage system works. It can help them understand what causes drainage problems and when to call for professional drain services in Victoria.

Unlike water supply systems, drainage systems do not utilize pressure, but work instead by gravity. Gravity is able to pull all of the wastewater along because all of the drainage pipes in your home are angled downward. The wastewater flows through a series of larger and larger pipes, and is eventually taken to either your septic tank or to a sewage treatment facility.

It would be impossible for your Victoria, BC home’s drainage system to work as it does without system of vent pipes. The vent pipes stick out through the roof of your home, allowing air to enter the drainage system. Air is important for proper drainage, as it prevents suction which would otherwise slow down or entirely stop the flow of wastewater.

Another crucial component of your home’s wastewater drainage system is the presence of traps under all of your drains. A trap is essentially a curved section of pipe. When water flows into the trap, it does so with enough force to continue traveling up and through the drainpipe. Enough of the water remains, however, to form a seal which prevents sewer gasses from floating up through the drain and into your home. All of the fixtures in your home which release wastewater must have a trap.

As you can see, residential drainage systems are made up of several components, each of which has the potential to contribute to drainage problems. There are many different reasons why your drains may start working slowly. You may be dealing with an obstruction at any point along the drainage system. The more fixtures that are affected, the further down the issue likely lies. Sluggish drains could also be the result of clogged vents not providing enough air to the system.

The drainage system of any Victoria, BC residential property, right up to where the system meets with the main sewer, is entirely the responsibility of the property owner. It is up to you to address any drainage issues, whether they are small and responsive to a plunger, or large and in need of the attention of a Victoria drain services provider.

The drainage system technicians at Drainscope are specialized in identifying and correcting problems with drainage in Victoria, BC homes. Our specialized equipment and use of video technology saves us time and money, allowing us to deliver effective and affordable drain services in Victoria.

If your residential drainage system is giving you trouble and you think it’s time to call in a professional, then contact Drainscope and we’ll get to the bottom of the problem.

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