Drainage tips

General Drainage Tips:

  • Gutters and downspouts: check to see if they are free of debris, sloped for positive drainage, and spikes are securely holding the gutter to the house.
  • Underground drain pipes: check to see if all pipes are free of debris, and free flowing by flushing with a garden hose.
  • Drain boxes and channel drains: check to see if they are free of debris, can be located easily without overgrowth, and not covered with mulch.
  • Pop up emitters: check to see if they are able to pop open and flow freely. Cut back any overgrowth.
  • Grading: check grading away from the house foundation for positive drainage, especially behind shrubbery, where the grading may have “dropped”.
  • Hard surfaces: check the grading of your hard surface areas (driveways, patios, slabs, sidewalks, sport courts, etc.). Improper or “dropped” grade can cause problems inside the home.
  • Window wells: check to see if the bottoms are cleaned out and the drain is visible, cover is in place and not cracked, window well is at least 3” above grade, and surrounding soil is mostly clay hard-packed.
  • Siding: check to make sure lowest part of siding is above grade, and not covered by earth or overgrowth.
  • Hose bibs: Always turn “off” at hose bib (not hand sprayer) when finished watering.
  • Soaker hoses: Make sure they are at least 3’ from the house foundation, and used sparingly.
  • Sump pump: check to see if the sump pump is working, the sump pit is clean, and the pipes coming into the pit are free flowing.
  • Street gutter/ curb: check the street gutter to make sure it is free flowing and free of debris.

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